PLAYR Soccer SmartCoach

Head of Design

Intelligently tracking and improving the performance of aspiring professional footballers.

Catapult Sports are the world leader in elite sports analytics, working with teams such as Barcelona FC, Brazil National Football Team and Bayern Munich, across numerous sports and disciplines, putting data into the hands of sports scientists and athletes. Leveraging this vast knowledge, Catapult released their first consumer product, PLAYR Soccer SmartCoach. Aimed at young, aspiring footballers, this wearable device is the culmination of decades of elite sports technology, crafted and refined, allowing footballers of all age and skill to benefit from professional sports science advice and data. I was brought onboard to shape the entire visual proposition, taking lead on every element from the logomark, to the concept and direction of the photography, down to the packaging and unboxing experience. This is my most holistic of projects to date, managing a highly-skilled design team and defining the visual experience of a truly unique product offering. 

— Company Catapult Sports
Credit: Chris Chilvers / Kim Lomba / Carissa Chan / Phil Sills / Will Cornelius






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